Although not an avid follower of politics, I have recently found myself paying more attention to the debate that is our current political mess. 

As a staunch Labour supporter (Dad insisted!!!) for many years and generally just going along with my elders, peers and/or pub associates the tide turned when, seven years ago, the Reds placed Mr. Bean (Milliband) in charge. If that wasn’t’ bad enough I’d been voting for a ‘sweaty sock’ in the previous election battles!!! Needless to say Labour lost my vote, so now I’m Blue…sorry Dad! First bonus point to Conservative though – they share the team colours of my beloved Pompey. 

So, as a Blue, I must express that I genuinely liked David Cameron, he seemed to come across well and even appeared human at times. I mean, who hasn’t left a child behind in a pub??? Obviously Brexit put an end to his reign and I admire his decision to get out of the way quickly. In came Mrs. Fancy-Shoes-May, again she seems O.K but she voted ‘remain’ and now leads us through what will inevitably be a painful break from Europe, contradictory to say the least! 

And this brings me on to the the poison dwarf that is Nicola Sturgeon, you lost the independence vote, get over it! Move on and run your country!!! A one-off vote/chance in a generation was promoted throughout the SNP campaign…nonsense, here we are listening to the same tripe. The SNP will now, undoubtedly, run yet another long and laborious campaign for their independence…how much will this cost both Parties??? The figure, I’m sure, will be astronomical, money better spent on real issues; NHS, schools, crime, terrorism etc… sure, they’ll tell us the cost is covered by membership and generous sponsors – oh please – the generous sponsorship is from wealthy businessmen making careers of avoiding the dreaded Tax man!

My message is simple: 

To all politicians, you are all losing sight of your responsibilities. Quit playing politics and concentrate on making our country great again. 

Whilst I’m showing my mature side, I’ve also had my thoughts towards immigrants turned on its head by an extremely hard-hitting documentary on Channel 4 about Syria and Assad leadership. Pictures of murdered men, women and children, tales of torture and, ultimately, a country destroyed. The heartbreaking stories from families ripped apart because they dared voice their views. I do wonder if these same families would go back to pre-Arab spring times when, although lives were undoubtably hard, they were surely better just by being together. 

Again, to sum up; UN pull your focking fingers out and get people the help they need, stop playing politics, meetings, conferences, and get people on the ground and stop this mass genocide!!! 

I haven’t even mentioned the cold-blooded murder of innocent people in London recently, my heart and prayers are with all those affected and no further comment is needed. 

I’m now going to spend the day appreciating how lucky I really am…and recovering from the ‘few’ vodkas I piled through last night! 

Three things I’ve learnt this week; 

  1. Ugly people get longer prison sentences than good-looking criminals 
  2. I may be maturer than expected!!! 
  3. Saudi Arabia imports camels from Australia 

That’s it for now, I’m gonna make sure my next blog is a happy fluffy bunny report