Jenna & Senna…terribly original! 

Senna, named after the great Ayrton, not the bowel-moving supplement, is a lurcher, a Saluki x Deerhound to be precise, she’s four years old, five on 5th April – yes a bookkeeper’s dog whose birthday falls on the Tax Year End! You couldn’t make it up…

She is my best buddy, my office companion, my co-driver and my ‘daughter’. Yes she can be a shouty shit and yes she growls at walkers on the footpath that runs by the side of the house, she’s terrified of children and eats like a horse but she is a truly wonderful ‘person’ and I love her, irrevocably. 

Blogger is less fond of ‘ginger’. Her hair has a tendency to find its way to his face, this causes an arm-flailing, expletive filled flap as he desperately tries to locate the offending hair! It’s normally woven itself into his beard! She will steal his spot on the sofa and, when asked to move, she turns her head slowly, looks at him, huffs, turns away again and stays put. He insists she’s not a real dog because she can’t catch. If a cat comes into the garden she will squeak incessantly until she is allowed outside to do a perimeter check but the thing that makes his eyes roll the most is when I talk to her, in fully structured sentences… “she doesn’t understand you”, sorry my love but yes she bloody does! 

With those (minor) things in mind you’d think Blogger ignores her existence… and you’d be wrong! He may moan, he may bitch and he may despair but he comes home with a bag of treats for her, almost every day! On the odd occasion when treats are not available (or he forgets), he will hold out his hands, palms up, and say “sorry, darlin’, they didn’t have any. I have nothing for you”. The most interaction however is when he’s had a few drinks…on more than one occasion I’ve watched (and filmed) him explaining how to catch. This ‘talking to dogs’ thing is infectious, plus it proves he does have a soft spot for her, no matter how much he’ll deny that…probably in his next blog. 

So what is the point of dogs? Really…what’s the point in owning one? Why would you have a wolf’s relative living in your house? 

Well, if I used Sen for what she was bred to do, I’d be knee deep in deer carcasses. Labradors, spaniels, terriers etc. are proper working dogs – picking up during shoots, ratting, service dogs, sniffer dogs and so on. German Shepherds are the classic police dog, Border Collies round up livestock and Huskies pull sleds! All the afore mentioned are very admirable traits for which we can all be thankful for in one way or another – I thoroughly appreciate a German Shepherd’s skill for incapacitating ‘crims’ and I adore Jack the chocolate Lab – a family friends’ seeing-eye dog. 

As for the family pets, like Sen, all they’re really there for (apart from the obvious ‘liking dogs’) is satisfying our need for companionship. They’ll happily cuddle up for a chin scratch and, in exchange, will listen to us ramble on about absolute bollocks! For all the love and affection they afford us, all they ask for is a comfy bed, a meal or two a day and fresh water…and a little curry from time to time in Sen’s case! 

Long and short of it then is this: dogs are pointless…unless you need a pheasant picking up, a crim stopped, a shipment of cocaine found, a bomb detected, a trip to the shops, a flock of sheep rounded up, a load of washing done, a sled ride or a cuddle – that would be everything useful then…dogs are great!!!