Honestly, we haven’t got that much to share this week. Sorry! We’ve both been working like dogs, rushing hither and thither and generally not stopping to just be.

Still, we did manage to show our faces for the first ever art exhibition by my brother, Daniel Hooper. It was a slightly surreal evening to say the least – seeing my brother as an artist instead of a carpenter for starters! It was the first time I’d seen my biological father in nearly three years, it was the first time he and my mother had been in the same room since goodness knows when and, finally, it was the first time he met Blagger…lots of firsts! Despite the sibling transition and the parental logistics we had a wonderful evening viewing my brother’s quite frankly brilliant artwork, drinking fizz, noshing on nibbles and talking absolute bollocks with people we’d never met before. 

Blagger always takes the piss when it comes to my view on art, that being: “art is subjective”. He thoroughly enjoyed spending the evening nodding thoughtfully and repeating my view, sarcastically…I must admit I said it quite a few times, especially when a few art officianados explained, in great detail, what they could see in each piece. 
“I can see the tree avenue lining the streets along with rushing cars and high-rise buildings, it screams of hustle and bustle and the fluidity of city life. I can feel the atmosphere of Central Park just looking at it and the colours evoke…” 

“‘LSD’ is making my heart skip. The colour scheme and linear useage of vibrant greens, pinks and blues is drawing me into a trance” 


Art is subjective! It should make you feel something, even if it’s boredom. It should take you somewhere else and it should make you think – even if what you think is ‘it’s shit’. Everyone’s version of art differs and that’s a good thing! I can’t look at a cow sawn in half as art but some can!!! I look at it and see a butchers counter or a dissection in a veterinary demonstration – it made me see something and it made me feel something – despite the fact it does absolutely nothing for me, it is a form of art, it’s an expression of something…whatever the feck that something is?!? On the other hand I can look at Daniel’s artwork and it makes me feel somewhat sinister, there’s always an underlying, hidden message. I can see instantly what he was thinking of when he painted it and it makes sense. Maybe it’s a biological thing but whatever the reason I ‘get it’. My favourites of the evening were ‘Water Lilies’ and ‘LSD’, quite possibly the two most different ends of the scale. 

Water Lilies

Blagger’s greatest input of the evening was his fabulously camp mirroring of the piece named ‘Dancers’ and his darling mother’s response to him being at an art exhibition “you, at an art exhibition? Wow!” However, the best quote of the night was from my country-bumpkin, tree-loving legend of a step-father. When Blagger pointed out that the flat breads beneath the stellar cheese and meat spread were for eating…

“Oh, I thought that was some of Daniels artwork” 

And there you go, food can been seen as art too! 

Have a lovely week all and take care out there.


And a little note from his Blaggerness…

As promised…three things I’ve learnt this week;

  • Art is subjective
  • Work is good for you…because banging your head against a wall burns 150 calories an hour 
  • The Bill of Rights is lowered into a bombproof safe every night 

That’s all! You’re welcome!